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Beeswax Lip Balm (tinted or untinted)

Beeswax Lip Balm (tinted or untinted)

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Going top to bottom in the picture we have 5 options to choose from:


1.  Moulin Rouge Collection (deep burgundy wine tint)


2.  Blush Peonies Collection (slight pink tint)


3. Chrysanthemum Clear (no tint) for the KIDS or anyone who prefers not to wear color on their lips;)


4. Bright Tigerlilies Collection (slight nude-warm tint)


5. Deep Cosmos Collection (warm-red tint)


Olive oil is infused with calendula (for healing) & plantain (for chapped lips).  We get our beeswax from our hives & the tinted lip balms get their pigment from clays or plant powders infused with the sweet almond oil (softens) & castor oil (glosses & smoothes).  We only use Peppermint essential oil in these so the lip balm is cooling to your lips & also gives a nice, fresh scent.


each tin is 0.5 oz

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