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Rosemary Face Toner

Rosemary Face Toner

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Why a toner? To restore your skin’s protective oil barrier by balancing its pH level.



Feels like an astringent, slightly tightens/firms with a cool finish for all skin types. Apply daily for most skin types, sensitive skin every other day. Shake well and apply to cleansed skin with cottonball, allow to cool before adding serum/moisturizer.



✔️Lavender & Rosemary: both help keep skin clear & healthy by reducing redness & soothing (antibacterial)


✔️Lemon: good for our pores & can reduce signs of aging


✔️Witch Hazel: (anti-inflammatory) helps fight acne without the alcohol (using alcohol would work against your skin as it strips & dries your face).


✔️Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: balances pH & oil production, helps protect skin against free radicals & bacteria.



2oz bottle

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