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Nature's Retinol Night Serum - Topical Skin Care

Nature's Retinol Night Serum - Topical Skin Care

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Night Serum 2oz glass dropper bottle

Why use a night serum rich in nature’s retinol?  

Retinol (Vit A) enhances collagen & elastin production and promotes skin renewal, helping to reduce wrinkles, fade pigmentation, repair sun-damaged skin.  Our bodies produce less/lower quality collagen as we age, which is why we should eat food sources high in the collagen protein or add collagen supplements to our diet.  PLANT BASED vitamin A is more gentle on the skin & it is best used at night so it can work with your skin’s natural repairing processes.


This serum feels like liquid gold & is great for dry skin.  I apply this serum on my face before bed & the lavender notes are a perfect blend with the carrot seed and frankincense.


Ingredients:  rosehip seed, argan, sweet almond infused with lavender, flax seed, Vit E, carrot seed, lavender & frankincense essential oils

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