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Little Wabbit Carrot - Face Cleansing Bar

Little Wabbit Carrot - Face Cleansing Bar

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Carrot Puree, Plant oils & Butters, Moroccan Clay, Sage, Carrot Seed & Grapefruit essential oils


Carrot is rich in potassium so it moisturizes and penetrates all the layers of our skin. Carrots are also full of antioxidants & Vitamin A which helps flush out excessive oil and keeps the skin free of toxins. Vitamin C promotes collagen production and helps to smooth out wrinkles. Carrot seed is amazing for cell regeneration.


I use this product every morning in my shower. I can't tell you how many expensive products I've bought over the years for a face cleanser and THIS soap is a game changer. I will never go back. My skin has never felt better. I highly recommend this product!


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