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Lilac & Kombucha Pumice Scrub

Lilac & Kombucha Pumice Scrub

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Spring is just around the corner! We made another Kombucha soap since our “Fairest in the Land" was such a favorite.

This is a kombucha and pumice stone scrub, perfect for removing dry skin, grease and dirt. We gave it a lilac scent as these beauties bloom mid-late spring. Use this bar of soap to help any dry winter skin (especially calluses on your feet;) & after working in the garden as you begin planting all your plants & herbs!

Pumice stone is a natural exfoliant. The stone is formed when lava, water & gas are mixed together creating a light, porous stone. Once ground up, this powder leaves your skin feeling visibly healthier and refreshed.

The benefit to using Kombucha Soap with live active culture is that it rinses very clean and leaves skin very soft. It has a low pH & gently loosens dead skin bonds so it’s a mild exfoliator as well.

This soap is also made with coconut milk which nourishes the skin with its high fat content and bentonite clay which absorbs excess oils and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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