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Leave-in Hair Conditioning Spray

Leave-in Hair Conditioning Spray

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Made with organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar. The ACV balances the pH of your hair and scalp (many shampoos have an alkaline pH above 7 (your scalp’s natural pH level is 5) which disrupts the acidity level of the scalp & then the cuticle layer opens up, becomes susceptible to dryness, breakage, friz, tangling so ACV (pH level 3) regulates that balance & closes the hair cuticle to keep in moisture. ACV contains vitamins B, C & potassium and can help make your hair smoother, shinier, less frizzy, less prone to breakage & more moisturized. It also can help with volume and curl definition since it doesn’t weigh down strands like other conditioners. And an added bonus, it works as a spray-in detangler too for the kids.


Clary Sage Hydrosol is cleansing and detoxing, adds shine & is a great scalp conditioner. The sage leaf contains pigments that can darken gray hair naturally.


Glycerin is good for curly, thick or frizzy hair & may condition well enough to stop breakage.


Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, chamomile, clary sage and cedarwood are used to help mask the aroma of the ACV & have benefits for the hair as well.

4 oz bottle

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