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Antioxidant Day Serum - Topical Skin Care

Antioxidant Day Serum - Topical Skin Care

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Day Serum 2oz glass dropper bottle

Why use a day serum rich in nature’s antioxidants?

Antioxidants help protect the skin’s surface from environmental and UV damage & also brightens up a dull complexion as it manages sun/acne discoloration. How? Antioxidants reduce inflammation by calming down oxidative stressors to our skin, allowing our skin to repair itself. As we get older, we lose our supply of antioxidants so eat your plants and use an antioxidant serum under your favorite SPF


This serum locks in hydrating moisture without leaving your skin greasy. It feels rich and full-bodied with a lightweight finish. In the morning I wash my face, use my Rosemary Face Toner, appy this serum & then apply my Tinted Moisturizing Mousse with SPF30.


Ingredients: Jojoba infused with sage, meadowfoam, pomegranate seed, evening primrose, pumpkin seed, Vit E, aloe vera, clary sage, frankincense & grapefruit essential oils

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