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Body Tea Bath - Naked Garden

Body Tea Bath - Naked Garden

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Body Tea Bath - drop the entire drawstring bag into your bath water & soak.  Enjoy!


Naked Garden:  Calendula, Lemon Basil & Chamomile Aerial Parts & Flowers, Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Baking Soda.  There are no carrier oils or essential oils added to this BTB, yet it smells like a fresh garden, so lovely!


Epsom salts are from the mineral Magnesium sulfate and are named after Epsom, England, a town renowned for its healing mineral springs which soothe aching joints and muscles.


Sea Salts improve skin barrier function and hydration, reduces inflammation in dry skin. Sea salt detoxifies the body, so I would suggest drinking a glass of water before your soak.

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