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Black Tie

Black Tie

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Rose Water, Rose Kaolin Clay, Activated Charcoal, Cedarwood & Rose essential oils. It's called black tie because it smells so fancy;)


Rose Water brightens skin and improves complexion by reducing redness/puffyness. It is good for acne and maturing skin. Rose water is also gentle enough to use on sensitive and dry skin.


Rose Kaolin Clay helps replenish and restore skin with moisture and its slightly grainy texture helps draw out impurities.


Activated Charcoal is good at removing toxins as it's a slight exfoliant as well. It brightens skin & is great for maturing skin.


I usually set soaps with Turmeric or Activated Charcoal on my shower caddy or on a soap holder just to make sure there's no discoloration on my tub. Darker washcloths work best with these soaps too.

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