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Tigerlily’s House of Apothecary

We create clean products, free of unwanted toxins.

We turn towards nature & hope in doing so, we become more aware of the things we consume inside and apply onto our bodies every day.

IG: tigerlilyshouseofapothecary

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Farmer's Market 2023 Calendar

See where we'll be this season! 


We can't wait to meet you & we hope you enjoy our all natural products.


These markets will also be posted about on our social media pages.

IG: tigerlilyshouseofapothecary

fb: Tigerlily's House of Apothecary



You can read our blog posts here!


We'll explain why we choose ingredients in our products along with which plants we're growing to infuse in them & when we're extracting our honey.

It's also a timestamp of our journey from city to farm to small town USA.

Meet the Creators



I am an artist & have been teaching for over 15 years.  Our annual road trips as a family have opened my eyes to the possibility of living closer to nature, and being able to create in that environment. Without a doubt, nature brings me closer to my Creator & the beauty surrounding me everyday is my ultimate inspiration.

The connection between art & nature is so evident.  Herbs return a sense of holism and connection to our minds, our bodies & our world.  This reconnection with nature is one of herbalism’s many gifts. I will always be a teacher at heart, so helping people understand the importance of holistic health is tightly woven into the products I make in my small batches.   

John Muir, an early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in our country, has a quote, ‘Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt’.  To follow this path, to live close to nature, would require some huge life changes.  What would you do if you weren’t afraid?  That’s the heavy question I asked myself.  We are gifted this one life, let’s take care of it, ourselves & the people around us.



I am a chef. My extensive career spans over 25 years in the culinary industry as an Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor & Consultant. I have always advocated for knowing your farmer & knowing where your food comes from. This has made it an easy transition when the opportunity to provide a true farm to table experience for the community presented itself. Harvesting food right off the land , elevated in a 'dirt to dish' way.


“Because only slow food can teach us the things that really matter – care, beauty, concentration, discernment, sensuality, all the best that humans are capable of, but only if we take the time to think about what we’re eating.” — Alice Waters.


Using sustainable and regenerative practices while diversifying between livestock, bees, organic orchards, vegetables, fruits & herbs, our mission of creating a well-balanced ecosystem is coming to fruition.  If we take care of the animals & plants, in turn, they were designed to take care of us.

Tigerlily's House of Apothecary

Hello & thank you for being here!

Browse the shop or visit us at a local market.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $75.


Let us know if you have any questions about ingredients from the farm, preparations, dosing, how to apply or when to use.  We put a lot of love into everything we do.  We have a separate IG & fb page with a lot of this information as well @tigerlilyshouseofapothecary

There are many favorites and seasonal items.  Follow us so you don't miss out

No upcoming events at the moment

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